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Lauren Astor

Parent Support Coach

I’m Lauren and I am on a mission to help parents transform their families from stressed out power struggles and frustrated feelings… to Happy, Calm and Peaceful – with Respectful Communication and Expressed Love.

Laren Astor

Once Upon a Time…

Once Upon a time…

I wasn’t yet old enough to buy a beer and there I was with the

Most Important Job on the Planet.

I was a Mother.

Despite my young years, I had plenty of ideas about parenting. Not because it was so well modeled by my family. Quite the opposite actually. 

As long as I can remember, there was an abundance of Judgment, Anger, Yelling, Blaming, and Shaming in my family. When I was a teenager, my mother and I fought like crazy people. I wanted to grow up in a hurry. And I did! Then I ventured forth and learned about Loving, Connected, Happy Parenting.


I hold a Masters Degree from Columbia University’s Teachers College and I have been a Certified Option Process® Mentor/Counselor since 2000. I have counseled hundreds of individuals, couples, parents and folks of all ages from around the world with many different situations and concerns. I have seen people drop issues that have been a source of misery for many years. I have seen people come to peace with profound life challenges.

You have the Most Important Job on the Planet.

Your children are the Future of the World! And YOU are your child’s greatest teacher. Plain and simple your child is learning how to live from YOU.

For this reason, I founded Happy Parent – Happy Child! in 2005 to work extensively with Parents. I have designed and facilitated many workshops, classes and retreats to help parents like you bring HAPPY back to your parenting and your relationship with your children.

With over 30 years of experience as a Teacher, Facilitator, Parenting Specialist and Certified Mentor/Counselor/Coach – as well as decades as a Mother, Single Mother, Step-Mother, Godmother and Grandmother – I have had the opportunity to help and support hundreds of parents.

Lauren taught me kindness, gentleness and forgiveness.... She taught me to ask questions from a place of curiosity and not from a place of criticism, she taught me that I can be who I want to be in any situation, despite any external triggers.

– T. 

"I have found myself again by coming to this group. It has given me tools to use in my every day life. Ever since I had my baby, I have felt a bit lost and this has reconnected me to myself and others. Thank you for pushing the envelope!"

-Karin T., Mom/Teacher

"I learned life-changing ideas and techniques that I use every day to help me relate more productively to those around me, and to work towards the life I truly want to lead. I heartily recommend you as a teacher, leader, mentor and guide."

– Jenny H. Mom/Executive Director Non-Profit, CT

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