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Frequently Asked Questions

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Happy Parent Happy Child
What is a Parent Support Coach?

A Parent Support Coach works in a non-judgmental collaborative, intentional relationship with one or both parents to navigate challenges with their children and each other. The Parent Support Coach helps parents gain clarity on what is working in their family and what they would like to see change. The Coach offers specific tools, strategies and perspectives as well as helping parents explore their concerns and find the best answers for them to have a happier family overall. Be ready to feel better!!

How is Happy Parent-Happy Child different than other parent coaching?

My approach is unique and highly effective. Coaching focuses almost entirely on the future with goals and action steps – which is hugely important and is much of what we will do together. I will suggest tools and strategies and attitudinal shifts to strengthen your connection with your children, which helps the entire family.

However there are often old issues that follow us in life. We cannot change the past – yet it affects our ability to achieve what we want in the present unless we deal with it. My gentle, accepting approach helps you move beyond your past with comfort and confidence, while addressing underlying issues and beliefs that have been holding you back from taking action. 

What is expected of me as a client?

It’s easy! Clients are expected to show up on time and do their part, including any homework, which is generally fun and insightful. If you are having problems getting things done, I encourage you to reach out and let me know before our next session.

Do both parents need to participate in the coaching?

If both parents want to and are open and interested in parent support coaching, I will work with both. Frequently one parent is available and that works fine as well. I have seen over and over that when one person changes in any relationship, the relationship changes.

Can I book individual consultation sessions with you?

I offer a 3-month and a 6-month Happy Parent-Happy Child Breakthrough Program. During our time working together, we will have many one on one sessions as well as group sessions. The most effective way to make real lasting and sustainable changes in your family is to commit to a program that will support you in the long run. Take the next step and schedule a complimentary Happy Parent Happy Child Introductory session.

What’s the next step?

Schedule a complementary Happy Parent – Happy Child Introductory Session. In our gentle, non-judgmental session, we’ll talk about what’s holding you back from being the Happy Parent you want to be and make a plan to move forward. We’ll also ensure we are a good fit to work together.