Happy Parent, Happy Child


I met Lauren at a time of great personal struggle. I was a mother of young children, one on the Autism Spectrum, and was having a very challenging time managing my own emotions, as well as the emotions of my children. Meeting Lauren changed my life and my family dynamics. Lauren taught me how to deal with a screaming, kicking toddler. She helped me understand that a child who is giving me a hard time is actually having a hard time, that standing my ground does not have to result in a battle with my child. Lauren taught me kindness, gentleness and forgiveness. She taught me that engaging in a confrontation is a choice, that reacting to others is a choice, that happiness itself is a human choice. She taught me to ask questions from a place of curiosity and not from a place of criticism, she taught me that I can be who I want to be in any situation, despite any external triggers. I am blessed to have her as a teacher and mentor and, in turn, be able to teach my own children and students how to cope with challenging people and situations in a more successful way. Lauren is wise, gentle and skilled and, above all else, her approach to children is respectful, loving and empathetic. 
~Tikva R., Mom/Teacher, CT

I often think of you because you helped me SO MUCH, and I always think about our conversations when I don’t feel good or if I’m making a decision and the thought of your presence always helps me! I feel stronger, more centered and more loving of myself.
It is so important the work you do. If every community around the world had a person like you to help and talk to mothers, I’m sure there would be a lot more happy people in the world.
~Corinne F., Mom/ Autism Specialist, CT

I have found myself again by coming to this group. It has given me tools to use in my every day life. Ever since I had my baby, I have felt a bit lost and this has reconnected me to myself and others. Thank you for pushing the envelope!
~Karin T., Mom/Teacher

It is not too strong to say it has literally changed my life. Looking back I see that many of my dreams  – a happier marriage, a career plan – have come true. I feel much more in touch with what is really important to me – the things that often get lost in the rush of everyday living. I have a happier, more positive outlook. It has made me more mindful and aware.  I have a greater contentment and all my relations with family members are strengthened and improved.”
~Leslie F., Mom/Entrpreneur, NY

The groups you lead have helped women overcome loneliness and isolation, find specific strategies to help themselves and their families, and create lasting change that will ripple outwards for years to come. I learned life-changing ideas and techniques that I use every day to help me relate more productively to those around me, and to work towards the life I truly want to lead.  I heartily recommend you as a teacher, leader, mentor and guide.
~Jenny H. Mom/Executive Director Non-Profit, CT

We laugh and cry and discuss our issues.  Lauren is always coming up with very thoughtful questions for us to ponder. I think that Lauren has helped save my life.  I think the WORLD of her!
~Tracey D. Mom/Publicist, NY

Our work together has been effective, rapid and so easy. Your gentle, but probing questions helped me breakthrough my deepest circular and unhappy thinking patterns. I now have tools to use for myself and I see so many situations differently. Thank you for holding up that mirror. I finally feel more grounded and responsible for myself than ever.
~Julie C., Mom/Artist, NY

I called you in a state of utter confusion. Within minutes we were breaking down barriers together.  You asked me simple, nonjudgmental questions that cut through the confusion.  What a relief to take care of myself and nurture me in this way.  Thank you Lauren!
~Liane W., Mom/Artist, Japan

I have been able to ‘peel away’ layers of beliefs to see what has purpose in my life.  I think more about my reactions to experiences around me and realize that I have a choice about how to respond.  I feel I am able to see other views easier – also feel less anxious about others’ judgments.
~Liz, Mom/Restauranteur, CT

You have helped me focus on what I really want out of my life and how to take steps to achieve it. It is also valuable in that it allows me to make time and space in my head for me.  It has come into my life at a very important and necessary moment.
~Elizabeth B, Mom/Curator NY

Keeping my sanity and realizing it’s not available to be lost. Just fab!!
~Liza, Mom/Ski Instructor, CT

I feel a greater level of comfort with my range of emotion; more gentle movement from the reed of emotion moving with the flow. I am becoming more aware of my role in my relationship with others.  I have always felt I talked a good talk, but now I am walking.
~Kathy S, Mom/Manager, NY

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